What are the advantages of using streetlights for solar streetlights?

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Many solar street lights use led street light sources. Why do solar street lights use such light sources? What are the advantages? The following is a description of the advantages of LED street light sources.
First of all, the luminous efficacy of led has reached 120Lm / W, exceeding the typical value of energy-saving lamps. It will make LED one of the most luminous sources of light. Second, the power type LED has unidirectional radiation characteristics. Most of the light energy it emits can reach the object directly without reflection, so that the light energy can be maximized, which greatly improves the efficiency of the lamp. Led has a long life and is green. At present, the average trouble-free working time of the power type led can be more than 50,000h; if it works 12h every day, it can be used for ten years. Its waste can be almost completely recycled. This not only saves energy, but also saves resources and protects the environment. When other light sources are discarded, the environment will be polluted. Especially after the fluorescent lamps are discarded, the mercury in the lamps will cause serious pollution to the environment and water sources.

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